QMB - GPL Quake Engine Project

Welcome to the home of Project QMB.

What is QMB

QMB is a Quake 1 Engine Source modification which focused on graphics improvements and performance speedups. With the most well known being the updated particle system which has been ported to other Quake 1 Engines.

State of QMB

Recently work on QMB has been mostly memory bug fixes and conversion of code to C++. Check for activity at The QMB Github page for new activity.

QtQ1 - Quake map renderer

Another quake related project I did reciently was a simple map loading and rendering test. The idea behind it was to get a better understanding of how the map format worked and to see if I could make any improvements in the memory data structure to help simplify and speedup rendering.

Check the github project at: QtQ1

MOD: DrLabman's Dungeon of Detestation

The base idea was a more frantic style of coop game-play with a quake feel. This was to be achieved by making monsters harder to kill, adding more of them and giving them better weapons. As well as boosting the players weapons to match. Eventually I was hoping to change monster spawn points to spawn multiple monsters over time which the player had to take over/destroy to progress in the map with a tower defence/invasion feel to it.

I released an alpha version, however work stalled since. It can be downloaded here, currently at version 0.0.2.


I have uploaded all the QMB files I could find to this server. See here.


Cel Shading